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With a great pleasure we would like to invite you to the stylish and luxury Runowo Palace - one of the most beautiful monuments of the romantic Renaissance architecture, located only 112 km from Poznań and 42 km from Bydgoszcz.

The Runowo palaceconstitutes a masterfully restored palace – conference complex. Our hotel gives perfectly the climate of the palaceatmosphere back from the past century but in the modern and luxurious edition.

Certainly you will be impressed by:

  • Luxurious rooms and well-equipped luxury apartments with historic fireplaces or jacuzzi. At our disposal we have places in single and double rooms with bathrooms – there is a possibility of the additional bed in every room
  • Refined and diverse cuisine in the Palace Restaurant
  • Areas for horse-riding
  • Tennis court
  • Extensive 18-hectare, picturesque park with a beautiful tree stand and natural historic monuments
  • Water gardens
  • Lake
  • Ruins of the castle from the 14th century
  • Amphitheatre and fountains
  • Caterng tents for the organization of outdoor parties up to 1000 persons

Our palace-park complex constitutes a zone of relax, quiet and the total spiritual regeneration as well as the clinic of the healthy sleep. It results from an ideal location of the Runowo Palace, in the area of the Krajeński Landscape Park, by the Tuchola Forest and 11 lakes. You will find here plenty of forests full of animals, bilberries, mushrooms and the unforgettable, mystical singing of owls. The microclimate prevailing here supports stays of persons having problems with respiratory tract diseases and sleep disfunctions.

Choose the most stylish hotel.

Bydgoszcz - actually its beautiful, quiet and relaxing back - is waiting for you.

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